About Us

The Light Book Series, developed by seasoned authors and practicing educationists, are based on the most recently revised National Education Curriculum for Schools. With a publishing experience of many years, we comprehend the diverse requirements of our customers and offer a wide range of children books to satisfy them.

     These books are written in simple comprehensible language and children find them educative, captivating and interesting. The books take the pupils step by step towards understanding specific subjects and give them a solid foundation.

     Relevant materials designed to simplify the teaching and learning of peculiar subjects are used. Our books are further enriched with vivid illustrations and numerous exercises to reinforce and sustain pupils’ interest in learning.

    These progressively graded books take the pupils step-by-step to elaborate the learning processes and further amplify the thinking faculty of pupils thereby making teaching easier for teachers and learning more interesting and exciting for students.

    The outcome of our periodic research brings about constant revision of our books and introduction of new titles to keep users abreast of recent developments. We are dependably dynamic.

     Our readers series implant positive aspects of life in the little children as they read and derive moral benefits from the stories. They inculcate virtues like honesty, fairness, kindness and hard work which the growing minds can follow as shining examples. The sentences are adapted for each category of readers. No wonder, the customers who have trusted us since we started are still strongly demanding our books.

     These books are strongly recommended for pupils in Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools. Parents can as well use them to help their children to learn at home.

Our Vision

To be a leader in the production and marketing of children and educational books in Nigeria.

Our Mission

To streamline available resources to provide our numerous customers with high quality books to meet their unique needs and ensure their satisfaction