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  • The Innocent Prisoner


    Fate played a major role in shaping the life of David Abu. Fate brought him and Kenny together as very close friends in the primary school. After a long break in their friendship, fate brought them together again as students in the university. David did not know the transformation that had taken place in the life of Kenny.
    Find out in this story full of suspense, how the revelation of the new Kenny shocked David.

  • The Golden Boy


    When God has destined one to be great in life, no opposition, however powerful, can stop one from achieving greatness. Such was the story of Omodayo, The Golden Boy, born by humble peasant parents in Miawi village. He was highly talented academically as well as in sports. He was also endowed with leadership qualities. But right from his childhood to his school years, and even in adult life, enemies out of hatred and jealousy plotted to implicate him, bring him down and even kill him.
    Read in this book the experiences of a man who not only survived all conspiracies but rose to become a respected Chief with the highest honour in his profession.

  • Who Wears The Crown


    After a long reign of 64 years, His Royal Majesty Igwe Ikoku Odiaka died at the age of 89. The Chiefs insist that the successor must kill a lion and bring its heart before he can be crowned. This is what tradition demands. This interesting book tells how the three sons of the late king seek to fulfil this mandate. Obina,Emeka and Ibeh embark on a mission that is almost impossible. What adventures do they encounter? Who wins the Crown?  The reader will enjoy the mystery, the suspense and the excitement.

  • Destined For Good


    The Immortal being has His own way of making someone great. Destiny cannot be changed. Polina, the only child of Badmus and Jumai became an orphan at an early age. She suffered greatly in the hands of her wicked aunty, Augustina.
    She endured the hardship and persevered. Despite frustrating attempts by her enemies, she was able to reach the summit. Read to find out how this was made possible.

  • Legacy


    One of the villagers of Igbo-Oba, Mr Bolutife wants education to be fully established in the Village. Chief Kokori supports him but some of the Villagers want their children to help them on their farms. Yet the School was improved and Bolutife sent his children there.
    Read to find out what happened to children that were sent to school and those that were not.

  • Nothing lasts Forever


    Rich Jeke Orisa treated his brother’s family very harshly and without mercy when they suffered hard times as a result of the accident of their breadwinner, Pere Orisa.However, the tide turned when the economic meltdown eroded the wealth of Jeke and the bank wanted to sell his properties to recover his non-performing loan. Ironically, Chris, his nephew, was the CEO of this bank. Jeke, now eighty years old, prostrated for his young nephew, begging him to save his properties from auction.
    How did Chris react to his wicked uncle’s request? Find out the climax of the relationship between Chris and his uncle Jeke in this story which clearly exemplifies the adage, ‘You reap what you sow.’

  • December to Remember


    December to Remember is an enchanting story of the pleasant destiny of  Phillip Mancha. Phillip’s fondness and longing to always be with his American based cousins became a reality on the Boxing Day when Phillip marked his birthday aboard a plane flying to America. The book is a beautifully crafted story with a spark of entertainment for the reading pleasure of the whole family.

  • Painful way to Success


    Mr and Mrs Akin were family friends of  Mr and Mrs Ayo. However, they had opposing views of female child education. Mr and Mrs Akin gave out their daughter Kemi in marriage at the age of sixteen. On the other hand, Mr and Mrs Ayo though, poor struggled against all odds and in harsh circumstances to give their daughter Bukky university education. Bukky eventually graduated as a medical doctor. Find out from this story which of the two families made the right choice.

  • Kofi Mensah


    Kofi Mensah, a prince of Atakrom was kidnapped by slave raiders and transported with his mother also a victim of the kidnappers for ten days towards a coastal town in the Gold Coast. His mother was sold to white slave buyers while he, being too young, was abandoned in the slave market. It took Kofi Mensah about eighteen years to travel back to Atakrom where he eventually became the king.
    Readers will enjoy the exciting, mysterious and sometimes frightening adventures of Kofi Mensah during these years.

  • Lamad and the Golden Chair


    Lamad, by all standards was a poor man. He was divinely favoured and became the king of a vast kingdom. He became intoxicated by absolute power and forsook the wise counsels of his advisers. He sat on the forbidden golden chair! Read to find out what became of him thereafter.

  • School Bus Ride


    School Bus Ride is a very unique story that opens up the quiet side of some childhood fantasies. Two smart girls, Bintu and Tina take their pound of flesh from Linda when the girls represented their school in the prestigious UNICEF Verbal and Quantitative Aptitude quiz competition, where they won a beautiful luxury bus for their school.
    This is another dramatic story which teaches that those who work hard would laugh at last.

  • Tola my Faithful Niece

    From a poor village girl, Biola became a very rich and powerful woman in the city.
    Suddenly she went down with a rather strange illness which gave her   the opportunity to test her nieces’ faithfulness. The book is written in a simple language and the suspense in the story will arouse the curiosity of the young readers.