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  • Sweet Home


    Eneyi Osina of humble background was a close friend of Irene and Henrieta. They had their secondary school education at Government Girls College.
    After leaving GGC, Irene and Henrieta were sent by their parents to study for a degree in an Irish University. On the other hand Eneyi took up a job as a salesgirl in a supermarket. Feeling left behind by her friends, she became sad and lonely.
    Determined to enjoy the glitter of a foreign land, she was deceitfully smuggled to Italy through the agency of Madam Bright, a baroness of human trafficking.

       Her unforgettable experience is a great lesson for students,  parents and school administrators   to counsel their children and wards.
  • Golden Destiny


    Polina, the only daughter of Badmus and Jumai became an orphan early in life. Augustina, her aunt with whom she lived treated her badly, accusing her of being a bad girl and a witch. She eventually threw her out to live in the streets. Destiny smiled on Polina when she met an old friend, Domitilla who took her to Port Harcourt. Here she met and married Femi, a caring and loving gentleman. Her Golden Destiny blossomed when the government paid her the contract money they owed her late father. Pushed by jealousy and depressed by the tragedies that befell her, Augustina planned to kill Polina and Femi but failed. Readers will find this play exiting and thought provoking. They will also learn a lot of lessons from the lives of the characters.