Ultimate English Studies (Primary 2)


Ultimate English Studies for Primary Schools (Book 2) is written and produced to cover adequately the contents of the new Basic Education Curriculum for Primary English developed by the National Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC). The book is arranged in Modules and each module  comprises   the   following   Sections:   A- Phonics, B- Reading, C- Listening and Speaking, D- Grammatical Structure and E- Writing.
There are beautiful color illustrations to give visual aid and enhance the pupils’ comprehension. Each concept is introduced with examples adequate for the age and class of the pupils. The introduction is always followed with comprehensive items for practice and exercises to test understanding. At the end of each term, questions are given to prepare the pupils for internal and external examinations.
Ultimate English Studies for Primary Schools  will ensure the pupils’ fluency in modern English to succeed excellently in internal and external examinations.
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